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I mount my bike as I would a wild steed
For in my sobriety it's what I need
My HIGHER POWER on the buddy seat
This kind of life is hard to beat
I ride the highways free and clean
Not being nasty not being mean
I can't help remembering all those years
That was taken away with booze & beers
I ride now with the sun on my back
Confidence in myself I do not lack
I've made new friends all over the place
Once more I'm part of the human race
Alcoholics Anonymous gave me back my life
No more suffering. no more strife
It's great to be sober and clean
It's great to have H.P. on the back of my machine
He rides back there like part of the bike
He's the kind of partner I really like
He makes me feel it's all worth while
When he looks over my shoulder and gives me a smile
H.P. has given me all that I've got
He has given me quite a lot
So I throw my leg over the big machine
I listen to the motor so big and mean
I think of my friends Skeeter, ARM-14, & Dave,
To ride the highways is what I crave
Every day good things happen to me
As long as H.P keeps me sober and clean
For today I will do just fine
Just taking my life one day at a time